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Armadillio walking in the woods

While the South American armadillo may seem harmless, it is actually one of the peskiest varmints roaming the lush, wooded preserves of Clermont. We provide expert armadillo removal for homes and businesses in Clermont. Armadillos can also be quite destructive as can carry deadly diseases and create deep burrows in your yard. On top of that, armadillos are somewhat difficult to trap due to their scurrying nature and body armor. In fact, the word “armadillo” is a Spanish word that means “little armored one.”

The damage that armadillos can cause to your Lake County property can indeed be a nightmare. Here are some of the threats of an armadillo infestation and ways that you can get rid of them with the help of the professional armadillo removal specialists at Critter Control® of Lake County.

Deadly Diseases Carried by Armadillos

Some armadillos naturally carry the bacteria that causes leprosy. While the likelihood of contracting leprosy from an armadillo in the United States is low, it is not impossible.

Armadillos have also been known to carry rabies. Since your dog or cat is more likely to come in contact with an armadillo than you are, it is important to remove the armadillos from your yard for the safety of both you and your pet.

Destructive Armadillo Burrowing

Armadillos can dig holes up to 15 feet deep. To put that into perspective, that is like having a hole in your yard that is deep enough to fit a small sedan.

These small creatures love areas that have loose soil and plenty of insects, making your backyard an armadillo’s paradise. Having armadillos burrow in your yard can also lead to broken pipes and can even weaken the structure of your home.

Armadillo Trapping Troubles

Armadillos are difficult to catch. Professional trappers do not use lethal traps on armadillos because of their ineffectiveness. It is also almost impossible to bait an armadillo since they do not eat their food on the surface and baiting a trap will likely attract other wild animals.

Armadillos are attracted to the scent of other armadillos, so it is best to use a cage that another armadillo has been trapped in before. However, armadillos do not like debris and if the trigger on the cage is dirty, they will most likely not come towards it.

Armadillos also need a clear path to the trap. Something like a wooden fence or some sort of object to steer the animals in the direction of the trap could be beneficial. It is important to have the trap on a flat surface to keep it from wobbling or falling.

Professional Armadillo Removal in Clermont

One of the most important parts of trapping armadillos is the location of the traps. Strategic armadillo trap set-up is something that only an experienced professional can effectively manage. At Critter Control® of Lake County, we have had lots of success trapping armadillos in and around Clermont. Our licensed and trained technicians will use their expertise to find out where the entrances and exits to the burrows are and remove the armadillos from your yard.

If you suspect that you are dealing with armadillos at your Clermont home or business, contact Critter Control of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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