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6 Common Types of Local Wildlife Found in Lake County

In the Central Florida wildlife control industry, there is never a dull moment. Especially in Lake County, FL, which is home to various types of wildlife that, quite often, wander onto the properties of local residents and business owners. Such invasive wildlife activity can disrupt a home, pose a problem to its integrity, and threaten […]

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5 Bat Facts Every Lake County Homeowner Should Know

Bats are among the smallest yet most important mammals in Florida’s ecosystem. These tiny creatures fly around at night managing invasive pest populations by eating small insects. It’s important to know the basics about bats in case one manages to make its way into your Lake County residence. If you’re worried about a bat infestation […]

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Types of Property Damage Caused by Rats

Generally nocturnal and suspicious rodents, rats prefer to nest and breed in quiet, safe, and undisturbed spaces that are close to steady sources of food and water. Unfortunately, the attic and walls of your Lake County home or business fit that description perfectly. An infestation of rats can quickly get out of hand. In fact, […]

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How We Protect You During the COVID-19 Era

To Our Valued Critter Control of Lake County Customers Here at Critter Control of Central Florida protecting your family and home, or business is our first priority along with the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact has escalated, we have taken additional actions to […]

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Critter Control’s Ultimate Guide to Trapping Wild Animals in Florida

When most people think of wild animal trapping, they likely imagine what they learned from watching cartoons: a cardboard box propped up by a stick with a string tied to it, some nuts placed underneath as bait, and a trapper hiding in the corner ready to yank the string when the critter scurries in. Unfortunately, […]

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