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Squirrel Removal Clermont | Attic | Eaves | TrappingWise Central Floridians are not the only ones flocking to the gorgeous comfort of Clermont, Florida. With such lush landscapes, hills, and trees throughout the beautiful Lake County city, local wildlife is also increasing their presence—signaling both good and bad news for Clermont residents.

While the occasional squirrel may be a charming addition to the trees outside your Clermont property, the idea of the furry rodents living inside your home or business can cause quite an alarm. To ensure your property stays squirrel-free, rely on the professional pest removal services of Critter Control® of Lake County.

Hazards of a Squirrel Infestation

You may think a few squirrels are harmless, but when nesting inside your property, they can cause serious problems. These rodents are a threat to your personal health, as contact with their waste can spread infectious diseases. While running across roofs and attics at night, squirrels create scratching and scurrying noises that disrupt sleep for both residential homeowners and their house pets. The destruction and contamination caused by squirrels can result in fire hazards, structural damage, and costly repairs.

6 Signs You May Need Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels can be a nuisance to commercial buildings and homes. Damaging signs of a squirrel infestation include:

  1. Gnawed electrical wiring and wooden trusses
  2. Damaged roof soffits, vents, and attic access points
  3. Walls, ceilings, and attic floors stained from droppings
  4. Foul odors coming from your attic or walls
  5. Shredded and soiled attic insulation
  6. Presence of fleas and other parasites

Critter Control of Clermont Provides Professional Squirrel Removal

If you notice a large gathering of squirrels on the roof of your property or hear scurrying noises overhead while inside, don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand. Contact professional animal removal experts to control your growing squirrel infestation.

With over 30 years of experience, Critter Control® of Lake County is equipped with the tools needed to permanently handle your squirrel infestation. During your free consultation, our expert technicians will determine the best course of action to safely and effectively remove all squirrels from your property.

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