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Close up photo of a raccoon

It may seem impossible for a critter as large as a raccoon to make its way into your attic, but it’s actually quite common in Eustis, Florida. Because raccoons are scroungers, they often venture into residential areas looking for food. Unfortunately, attics happen to provide them with a comfortable shelter that is extremely close to easily accessible food sources.

If you notice signs of raccoons in your attic, it’s important to understand how they entered your home, ways to keep them off your Lake County property and why local, Eustis raccoon removal professionals are the best resource when dealing with these critters.

Top 3 Ways Raccoons Enter Your Eustis Home 

Raccoons are large mammals, so figuring out how they got into your home can be confusing. Raccoons take advantage of already damaged structures to create easy access into a residence. It only takes minimal, preexisting damage for raccoons to get inside. They will tear and gnaw their way through areas that are deteriorating, such as:

  1. Broken or damaged chimney flues
  2. Old and rotting roof edges
  3. Cracked or damaged roof vents and soffits

3 Ways to Keep Raccoons Off Your Property 

1. Seal Entry Points

As listed above, there are many ways that a raccoon can enter your home. By repairing and sealing your chimneys, roof edges, vents, and soffits, you will prevent raccoons from entering your home. If you notice any damage or holes that could be an entry point, make sure you repair them with sturdy enough materials to completely keep the critters from entering.

2. Remove All Sources of Food

Raccoons are known to scrounge for food. Throwing loose food, trash, or drinks into your trashcans will attract them to the area. Make sure that all trash is contained and tightly closed to reduce the odors that lure these critters to your home. Besides keeping your trash cans closed tightly, if you have pets it is important to keep their food inside and off of your porch. Keeping your pet’s food outside provides a constant open food source for these critters and they will keep coming back for their meals.

3. Keep Property Picked Up

Raccoons love to scrounge and hide. Raccoons are scared of humans, so the more places they can hide, the safer they will feel on your property. Keeping your property free of debris, trash, or overgrown trees and bushes, can help eliminate the places they have to hide and eat. By keeping your property clean and neat you are making it a less attractive place for these critters to inhabit.

Critter Control of Eustis are Your Local Racoon Removal Experts

Whether you need immediate help removing raccoons from your home or are interested in an inspection to prevent entry, our experts at Critter Control® of Lake County are here to help. Our trained technicians will humanely remove the critters from your home and seal any entry points to ensure they don’t come back.

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