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Mice RemovalHearing squeals in the middle of the night or finding bites taken out of the food in your pantry can lead you to the conclusion that you have some unwanted visitors in your home. While it is not uncommon for mice to find their way into your Leesburg home or business, the idea that the little rodents may be on your property can be very unsettling.

For mice, your residence provides protection from outside predators and the unpredictable Florida weather as well as a nearly endless supply of food and water. Such a combination makes your home the perfect place for mice to start nesting. Unfortunately, once they begin nesting the damages caused by their infestation will be much harder to deal with. That’s why you should contact the professional mice removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County as soon as you notice any signs of mice on your Leesburg property.

3 Types of Damage Caused by a Mouse Infestation 

Mice often find themselves in residential homes and commercial businesses when searching for food and water. The safety of your property provides an ideal nesting location for the mice and once they start reproducing there is a greater risk of damage being made to your home or business. The most common types of damages caused by mice include:

  1. Contamination

    Mice scrounge for food and will often make themselves welcome on your countertops and in your panty. Their saliva and fecal matter carry diseases that can be spread through food contamination. If anything on your countertops or in your pantry appears to be contaminated, do not eat the product and call for professional help.

  1. Structural Damage

    Mice have incisors that continuously grow. In order to wear down their teeth, they gnaw on anything and everything. Their gnawing can ruin wiring and wood structuring in your home. Damaged wires can create a fire hazard and put your home in danger.

  1. Soiled Surfaces

    Mouse droppings and urine can stain the walls and flooring in your home. Insulation can also become soiled from nesting. It is best to contact professionals for clean-up because of the toxins found in mouse droppings.

Our Successful 4-Step Mice Removal Method

At Critter Control® of Lake County, we employ a proven, four-step system to safely and effectively remove mice from your property. Our CritterSafe® method includes:

  1. Inspection

    First, one of our trained removal experts will thoroughly inspect your home for mice and nests. At this time, we will also take note of any damages done to your property.

  2. Removal

    Second, we will humanely remove the mice from your home. At Critter Control®, we believe that all critters play an important role in nature, which is why we focus on humanely removing them from your home with eco-friendly removal methods.

  3. Restoration

    After inspection and removal, we will clean and restore your home back to its original state. Once we’re done, there will be no evidence of an infestation left behind.

  4. Prevention

    Lastly, we want to ensure that critters will not be making their way back into your home. We will effectively seal any entry points identified during our initial inspection.

Professional Mice Removal in Leesburg

If you have experienced mice on your property, avoid contact with the critters, and do not attempt any do-it-yourself removal methods as they are both costly and ineffective. Leave the removal process up to Critter Control® of Lake County. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and equipped with the appropriate tools and four-step removal process to effectively and efficiently remove all mice from your property.

To take care of your mice problems today, call Critter Control® of Leesburg at 352-204-0074 and schedule a free in-home inspection.


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