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The quiet Florida community of Leesburg is home to a variety of natural wildlife, including bats.bats Oftentimes, such critters migrate from wooded preserves into residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts. To prevent potential structural damage to the attics of your home or office, you should be aware of the following signs that could indicate the presence of bats inside your Lake County property and the need for bat removal services.

5 Visible Signs of Bat Activity on Your Leesburg Property

The first red flag of a bat infestation is a visible confirmation of bat activity on your property. Whether you witness bats flying around outside your home or come across a dead bat in your attic, an increased bat presence is a strong indicator of bats getting ready to move in.

Bats may not only reside in your home but also in other parts of your property such as:

  1. Garages

  2. Outside storage sheds

  3. Debris piles

  4. Trees or shrubs

  5. Porch awnings

Locating a bat in an outside area on your property is a clear indication they plan to occupy your home next or may already be inside.

Stained and Blemished Openings

Homeowners should also examine the exterior of their home and roof for any holes that bats can use to gain entry. Openings that are frequently used by bats often become stained with black resin that coats a bat’s fur. A blemished hole with black resin is a clear indication that a bat has found an alternative way to enter your home without using the front door.

Common Bat Sounds and Smells

Because bats are nocturnal, be sure to listen for squeals inside your residence at night. Such disturbing noises are definite evidence of multiple bats living in your home. Bat urine and droppings (or guano) will emit a toxic and unpleasant odor similar to ammonia throughout your property. Additionally, bat guano can transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis if inhaled or touched.

When noticing any of the above-mentioned bat forewarnings, you should immediately seek professional help. Bat removal from your home or business should not, under any circumstances, be taken into your own hands.

Rely on Bat Removal Professionals

If you believe you have bats on your property your first instinct should be to leave them alone and contact professionals. While beneficial to our ecosystem, bats can be very hazardous to your property and your health as bats have been known to spread diseases from bites and their toxic droppings. Furthermore, bats are a federally-protected species. Professional bat removal services will protect you from such risks as well as lawful fines.

Your Trusted Leesburg Bat Removal Experts

The best course of action is to contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County for any and all bat removal services. Our licensed and trained technicians will safely and legally remove all bats from your property and seal any openings to ensure they do not return.

To take care of your bat problems today, call Critter Control® of Leesburg at 352-204-0074 and schedule a free in-home inspection.


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