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Opossum Removal in Groveland

Groveland is known as a safe and quiet Florida community, making it a great place for families to call home. With its lush surrounding nature and local wildlife, however, Groveland neighborhoods are vulnerable to their fair share of wildlife invasions, which is why we provide expert opossum removal services. Such wild animal encounters can often be problematic for property owners. In particular, opossums in Groveland can wreak havoc on homes and businesses alike, causing health hazards to people and pets as well as costly damages over time.

Here are some signs of opossums activity to look out for, the problems they create for Groveland residents, and what Critter Control® of Lake County can do to solve them.

How to Identify an Opossum Infestation

The first step to approaching a problem with opossums is knowing how severe the infestation is. Opossums often make their nests near bodies of water or moist areas, finding small spaces like logs, holes, or crevices in buildings to reside in. They will feed on almost anything, digging through trash and compost while they search for food.

Trash that looks like it has been tampered with, scratch marks on wooden surfaces, and medium-size droppings similar to cat droppings can all signal the presence of opossums. More evidence of an infestation includes odd scratching sounds or other noises on the property.

Opossum Infestation Damages

Signs of opossums on a property can quickly lead to various damages to the areas they inhabit. For example, they can create foul smells with their feces and urine along with spreading trash. Additionally, opossums can transmit harmful diseases to both humans and pets. If you grow edible vegetables and fruits on your property, opossums can easily destroy a new crop.

It is possible to minimize short-term damage from opossums in a few different ways. For one, because opossums climb trees and fences, removing branches and other access points to affected areas may help lessen the frequency of opossum damage on your property. Keeping trash well-sealed can also prevent opossums from further ruining property. Yet, these actions only provide a temporary solution. A professional opossum removal specialist can save you money and frustration and end your opossum problem for good.

The 4 Step CritterSafe® Method to Opossum Removal

It is best to leave opossum removal to seasoned professionals. At Critter Control® of Lake County, our experienced and trained staff employ four key steps for efficient and CritterSafe® opossum handling:

1. Inspection
2. Removal
3. Exclusion
4. Restoration

Professional Opossum Removal in Groveland

Once you see the signs of an opossum infestation, it is important to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Furthermore, if you encounter an opossum on your Groveland property, keep your distance from the animal and contact Critter Control® of Lake County immediately. Since cases vary greatly from property to property, we will send out a licensed and trained opossum removal technician to evaluate your situation and determine a course of action along with a detailed estimate.

To schedule a free inspection of your home or business, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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