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Rat in sofa cushionsWith an over-abundance of lakes, ponds, wooded areas, and swampy terrain, the city of Groveland is no stranger to wildlife. Of the many animals that call Groveland home, perhaps the most invasive are rats. They are sneaky little pests that can make their way into homes and businesses using their cunning minds and sharp teeth. Once they’ve become established in your attic or inside your walls, getting them out can be extremely difficult. Rat removal is a job best left to our professionals here at Critter Control® of Lake County.

3 Common Methods of Rat Removal

Trapping is the most popular rat control method among professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Generally, traps fall into three different categories.

  1. Snap Traps

    When you think of a rat trap, you are probably imagining the classic snap trap. Their main feature is a pressure-activated swinging metal arm that kills the rat instantly. Though they were developed decades ago, they are still widely used by professionals.

  2. Glue Traps

    These traps are essentially really sticky pieces of paper that ensnare anything that gets caught in them. But, they are not the best option for use in Florida due to the high humidity of our climate. They must be in a dry and dust-free environment in order to be effective.

  3. Live Traps

    By using bait and trap doors, live traps can lure rats inside and close them into a box with no way of escaping. The benefit of these traps is that you are able to catch several rats at a time since the box excludes rats from escaping while still allowing more inside.

Because rat traps are readily available in stores, many people think that they can buy them, set them up, and clear out the pests in no time. Although this way might seem cheaper and easier, seeking professional help is a much safer and more cost-effective option in the long run.

Why Choose Critter Control of Groveland

Our professionals utilize a four-step process to remove your unwelcome guests and prevent them from returning in the future. Our technicians will inspect your home, remove the pests, repair any and all damages the animals have caused, and ensure they can never return. It is simply the most comprehensive animal control service in the industry.

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