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Opossum RemovalAs Leesburg continues to grow, wildlife such as opossums have less rural area to live within and search for shelter and food. This often leads the critters toward residential homes and commercial businesses as these developed areas provide the shelter and safety they desire with easy access to food and water. Unfortunately, opossums on your property are no fun for you as they will rummage through your trash, pet food, and garden — leaving a mess for you to clean up.

If you notice any of the following signs that opossums have arrived at your door, then contact your local Leesburg wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Lake County for immediate and safe opossum removal.

3 Opossum Warning Signs

  1. Tracks

    Opossums have smaller front paws than their back paws. They like to rummage through plants and gardens so you can often identify their tracks in the dirt.

  2. Droppings

    Opossum droppings are relatively easy to identify because they are bigger than other critters’ droppings. Their droppings are brown in color and curl at the ends which is different than most other critters.

  3. Noises

    When opossums feel threatened, they will make hissing and growling sound to scare off their predators. The most common noise heard from opossums are clicking noises and if they are young you may hear screeches and squeals, as well. Since opossums are nocturnal, most noises will be heard throughout the night.

How Are Opossums Problematic?

Opossums are known to be docile creatures but they can cause problems for home and business owners who try to take their removal into their own hands.

  1. They can bite

    Opossums can become aggressive if cornered or threatened — especially when protecting their young. If you don’t try to attempt your own removal, chances are they won’t bother you. However, trying do-it-yourself opossum removal methods can scare the opossums deeper into your home’s attic or make them act hostile which can result in a defensive and painful bite.

  2. They can spread disease

    Just like most critters, opossum’s feces carry diseases that can contaminate food and water. These diseases can also spread through DIY fecal cleanup. Opossums are also known to carry ticks and lice which can easily spread throughout your property.

  3. They are scavengers

    Opossums love to nibble on the fruit and vegetables in a garden, ruining and contaminating the crops. These critters will also steal any pet food left outside and rummage through your trashcan for food. Opossums can leave quite a trail of trash from their scavenging.

Professional Leesburg Opossum Removal

Although opossums never mean any harm, having an infestation of the critters in your home or workplace can lead to substantial damage, stress, and costly repairs. If you have seen any opossums on your property, avoid contact, or any at-home removal methods. Instead, call the professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County for and humane and permanent opossum removal.

To take care of your opossum problems today, call Critter Control® of Leesburg at 352-204-0074 and schedule a free in-home inspection.


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