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Snake Removal

Tavares, Florida is home to a multitude of critters, including snakes. While these reptiles serve to deter rats and other rodents away from your Lake County property, their presence can be just as alarming. If you suspect that snakes have infiltrated your Tavares home or business, contact the snake removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County. Our experienced and equipped team provides efficient removal services and resources to aid in resolving your snake issue quickly and discreetly.

How To Deter Snakes from Your Tavares Property

There are many ways nuisance snakes can find their way onto your Tavares property. Fortunately, there are several tactics you can employ to prevent them from staying long. Snake deterrent methods include:

  1. Fence off the area – Enclosing your yard with a fence eliminates entry points for snakes and other critters.
  2. Repair exterior damages – Sealing cracks or other damages on the outside of your home or office building reduces the possibility of a snake or other critter entering your residence.
  3. Maintain a clean yard – Removing large objects in your yard and trimming foliage eliminates hiding spots for snakes.
  4. Know about traps/repellants – Only use a trap when there is certainty about the presence of a snake. Additionally, natural repellents such as the musk of a kingsnake and the urine of a mongoose can also serve as an effective deterrent, but only offers a temporary solution to a growing snake problem.

The Dangers of DIY Snake Removal

Snakes are an exceedingly common sight in Tavares, Florida; however, even if it appears harmless or if you are familiar with the creatures, it is vital that you do not attempt to remove a snake on your own. Attempting to remove one without a licensed specialist present can pose an incredible threat to your well-being as snakes can strike, bite, and spread deadly venom to those untrained and ill-equipped to properly handle them. Fortunately, the professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County are experienced in handling both venomous and non-venomous snakes and can effectively remove them from your vicinity.

CritterSafe® Snake Removal Services

From inspection and removal to restoration and exclusion, our four-step CritterSafe® methods of removal are optimized to return your property to a safe, peaceful, and nuisance-free zone. After inspecting your property and identifying and isolating the critter, we will trap and remove it using humane tactics. From here, any damaged property will be repaired and access points will be sealed. After the issue is resolved, our specialists will leave the area untarnished and your property protected from future invasions.

Expert Snake Removal in Tavares, Florida

Since 1983, Critter Control® has been providing thorough and humane animal control services to Central Florida home and business owners. In addition to snakes, Critter Control® of Lake County also provides on-site inspections and animal removal services for other common Tavares nuisance wildlife such as rats, squirrels, mice, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, and bats. If you are dealing with snakes or any species of unwanted pests, rely on the licensed and trained team of wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Lake County to execute the removal process safely, efficiently, and permanently.

To schedule an inspection and get a free estimate for our reliable snake removal services, call us today at 352-204-0074.


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