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Opossum RemovalHave you’ve noticed wild animal footprints, curled droppings, or disturbed trashcans, pet bowls, or fruit and vegetable gardens on your Eustis property, then you may be dealing with an opossum infestation. If you believe there are opossums invading your residential home or commercial business, then contact the Eustis opossum removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately to safely remove opossums from your property.

Damage Caused by Opossums

Opossums are relatively peaceful critters, but they can cause a great deal of damage to your home or workplace. Opossums often scrounge through gardens, yards, and trashcans looking for food to eat. This behavior can lead to ruined crops and trails of trash for you to clean up.

Besides their constant snacking, opossums can carry parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to you, your pets, and anyone else on your property. Some diseases are transmitted through their feces and urine and can contaminate your food and water. Opossums can also carry ticks, mites, and lice which are easily spread throughout homes and businesses.

Furthermore, if an opossum is trying to escape your property and can’t find its way out, it may tear through your structural material, leading to costly repairs. Opossums that make their way into your attic can also chew on wiring and insulation, causing a fire hazard.

Ineffective Opossum Removal Methods

Trying to get rid of an infestation yourself can be dangerous and ineffective. Do-it-yourself removal methods like live traps don’t often work to solve opossum infestations because catching the critter without sealing entry points allows them to come right back onto your property. Although opossums rarely attack — and famously play dead if threatened — they may lash out if provoked or cornered, resulting in bites, scratches, and medical expense you weren’t expecting. That is why opossum removal is best left to professionals.

Successful Opossum Removal Methods in 4 Simple Steps

At Critter Control® of Lake County, our removal methods will ensure that your nuisance opossums are removed safely and humanely. Our licensed and trained technicians will also make sure all entry points are sealed to ensure the critters won’t come back. Our proven CritterSafe® program includes these four effective steps:

  1. Inspection – We examine your property to determine the extent of your infestation.

  2. Removal – We strategically remove all unwanted wildlife from your property.

  3. Restoration – We clean up and restore any damage caused by the invasive wildlife.

  4. Prevention – We seal of any entry points to prevent the wildlife from returning.

Call Your Eustis Opossum Removal Experts

Having opossums in either your business or home can cause a great deal of stress and damage. At Critter Control® of Lake County we aim to remove opossums from your home or workplace safely and efficiently, ensuring they will never come back. If you have seen opossums on your property, do not approach the animal.

If you have seen opossums on your property, call Critter Control of Eustis immediately at 352-204-0074.


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