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Opossum Removal in The VillagesLiving in The Villages has its perks. The peace of mind, great amenities, and welcoming community make this area a fantastic place to settle down or start a business. But the amount of wildlife in the area can leave your building vulnerable, especially when it isn’t protected from opossums. Luckily, professional opossum removal is accessible and affordable when you partner with Critter Control® of Lake County. We’ll not only take the time to understand the cause of your wildlife problem but also work with your budget to create a solution that best protects your home or business. 

Droppings, Disease, and Other Types of Damage Caused by Opposums

Thanks to decades of experience in The Villages, the team at Critter Control® of Lake County understands the area — and its opossum population. We know that opossums rummage through garbage cans and gardens in pursuit of food, which can hurt plant life and crops you may be growing. 

Opossum droppings can also cause great damage, carrying diseases and contaminating food and water supplies. In addition, opossums sometimes carry ticks and lice that lay hidden in their fur, which can spread throughout your home or business. Opossums may even destroy parts of your infrastructure by tearing air ducts and chewing through cables that lead to fire hazards.

Opossum Removal Using the 4 Step CritterSafe® Method

When removing opossums, it is important to avoid using DIY solutions because they can be harmful to wildlife and fail to actually solve your problem. Instead, partner with the team at Critter Control® of Lake County. Our CritterSafe® opossum removal strategies are safe, eco-friendly, and super effective. The four-step process includes:

1. Inspection

During an inspection, our licensed animal professionals will find entry points, nesting areas, and live opossums. 

2. Removal

Carefully removing opossums is something our trained professionals take seriously, which is why we take the time to safely exclude every nesting opossum insight. 

3. Prevention

To keep opossums away from your building, we’ll seal entry points and install prevention devices like vent screens, covers, and caps. 

4. Restoration

After we return opossums to the proper outdoor environment, we’ll revisit the areas of your property that the critters might have damaged to repair and restore.

Rely on Professionals for Your Opossum Problem

Every home and business in The Villages is better off without an opossum infestation. That’s why our animal specialists at Critter Control® of Lake County strive to remove possums and relocate them back to where they belong.

If opossums are damaging your property (and peace of mind), contact Critter Control of The Villages today to schedule a free consultation at 352-204-0074.


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