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Armadillo Removal in Lake County

From deer to bats, a variety of natural wildlife call the state of Florida home. While most stay in wooded preserves and habitats, some critters will often venture into residential and commercial areas in search of food and shelter. Such nuisance wildlife, like the armadillo, can pose a real threat to you and your Lake County home.

If armadillos have invaded your Lake County property, rely on the experts at Critter Control® of Lake County for fast and effective armadillo removal services.

The Dangers of Invasive Armadillos

Armadillo populations are on the rise in Florida, and although they may seem harmless, docile creatures, they can inflict significant damage to your property due to their incessant burrowing. Armadillos usually dig for food and shelter—tearing up lawns and landscaping in the process. If an armadillo burrows under your house, various structural and foundational damages could occur that could compromise the integrity of your home.

Armadillos are also known to carry various diseases such as leprosy and rabies, just to name a few. These diseases can be easily transmitted when an armadillo is cornered or forced to protect itself from a threat. Whether it is you or your household pet, it is best to keep a safe distance from armadillos whenever possible.

How to Deal With an Armadillo Encounter

There are multiple ways you can protect your family and home from armadillo invasion. If you come across an armadillo on your property, here are a few suggestions to ensure your safety:

  1. Don’t get too close to the animal to avoid provoking an attack that could harm you or transmit infection.
  2. Inspect your yard to try and identify where the armadillos could be burrowing. Main places to check around your home’s perimeter include underneath porches, shrubs, and in gardens.
  3. Try using repellants to deter armadillo activity.
  4. Covering their burrows and eliminating the insects that the armadillos are after could force them to leave your property.
  5. If that does not work, traps can be effective for armadillo removal; however, to ensure the safety of all parties, armadillo trapping should only be performed by trained professionals who are equipped for the job.

The professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County are experienced and prepared to resolve your armadillo problem safely and efficiently.

Professional Lake County, FL Armadillo Removal Services

If you suspect armadillos have invaded your Lake County property, keep a safe distance and contact the licensed and trained professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County. Our team of wildlife experts utilize a proven, eco-friendly, and humane system for all nuisance pest removals. Our CritterSafe® process includes:

  1. Inspection – We examine your property to identify the pest and locate all entry points.
  2. Removal – We carefully and safely remove all unwanted pests using humane methods.
  3. Prevention – We seal off all entry points and install deterrents to ensure pests do not return.
  4. Restoration – We decontaminate and repair any damages caused by the pests.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our armadillo removal services, call us today at 352-204-0074.


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