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Bat Removal The Villages | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorSmall bats flying in the night may not be harmful from afar, but they can become quite a nuisance if they enter your home or business. To prevent bats from disturbing the peace by entering your property in The Villages, rely on the proven bat removal services of Critter Control® of Lake County to handle the job.

Common Roosting Behaviors of Bats

Bats are small, furry creatures that are typically found in caves, trees, or under bridges. However, bats are known to take up residence in warm areas that keep them away from predators, which may include the attic of your home or commercial building. While generally nocturnal, if bats somehow manage to penetrate and roost on your property, their presence can create distracting disturbances that can affect both your sleep and productivity.

4 Signs of a Bat Infestation in your 

A bat infestation is more common than you may believe. That’s because bats are more inclined to enter small spaces as they can squeeze through openings as tiny as a quarter of an inch. These miniature openings may include:

  1. Roof vents
  2. Pipes
  3. Cracks around electrical wiring
  4. Ajar windows and doors

A key indicator that a bat is in your home or business is the sound of fluttering noises or high-pitch clicks coming from the walls or ceilings.

Dangers of a Bat Infestation

Bats can pose a danger to your health with the diseases they carry. Rabies and histoplasmosis are common diseases from bats that can be avoided by refraining from direct contact. If a bat feels threatened, they may bite you and transmit the disease. Other health threats to humans and pets stem from fungus and ectoparasites created by toxic bat guano and urine.

3 Bat Infestation Prevention Methods

Many home and business owners with clear signs of a bat infestation often try DIY methods to maintain control over their bat infestation. Such methods include:

  1. Using bat houses to provide a shelter away from your home or business
  2. Illuminating attic spaces at night, which can deter nocturnal bats
  3. Placing fans in an attic to lower the temperature, since bats prefer warmer spaces

While such methods may provide temporary relief from invasive bats, the only permanent solution is professional bat removal and exclusion.

Expert Bat Removal in The Villages

The animal control experts at Critter Control® Lake County use a safe and effective CritterSafe® method to humanely and efficiently remove invasive wildlife such as bats. This four-step process includes inspection, removal, restoration, and exclusion by sealing entry points and installing one-way exit doors to ensure that bats cannot return.

To maintain your peace and prevent bats from returning to your home or business in The Villages, contact the wildlife removal experts Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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