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Mount Dora Raccoon RemovalNo home or business is immune to the possibility of a wildlife infestation, especially not one in Mount Dora. Surrounded by lakes and wooded areas, the historic Central Florida city is home to local wildlife such as squirrels, opossum, and raccoons — animals known to wander their way into residential homes and commercial businesses in search of food and water. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent critters such as raccoons from being attracted to your Mount Dora property.

5 Exterior Raccoon Prevention Tips

If your yard looks open and inviting to roaming wild animals, they will eagerly help themselves to any sources of food, water, or shelter on your property. Therefore, you must tidy up and reinforce your exterior to keep pests away. Here are a few ways you can make your property less appealing to raccoons.

  1. Trim back trees, bushes, and other vegetation that raccoons can climb to access your home or business.
  2. Remove piles of debris that raccoons can use as nests.
  3. Securely cover and store your trashcans.
  4. Bring pet food and water bowls inside at night.
  5. Enclose fruit or vegetable gardens with mesh or wire fencing.

7 Interior Raccoon Prevention Tips

Once raccoons are on your property, they will inevitably try to make their way inside. Raccoons are dexterous creatures that can manage to open latches, screens, and doorknobs with surprising efficiency. That’s why, along with their masked appearance, they are often referred to as bandits. Just as there are ways to make raccoons disinterested in your yard, there are also ways to make your interior less tempting to the mischievous mammals. To deter an indoor infestation, implement the following property policies.

  1. Keep all windows and any pet access doors locked at night.
  2. Regularly clean, sweep, and vacuum the interior of your property.
  3. Empty the kitchen sink of dirty dishes each night.
  4. Don’t leave food or crumbs on kitchen countertops overnight.
  5. Store all human and pet food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers inside cabinets.
  6. Check attics or window screens for possible areas of entry.
  7. Contact professionals if there is any visible evidence of raccoons in or on your property.

If you see a raccoon on your property, do not attempt to capture or corner the animal yourself. Instead, contact Critter Control® of Lake County to permanently handle the situation.

Professional Raccoon Control in Mount Dora

Removing wild animals is a job best left to professionals who are licensed, experienced, and equipped with the correct tools for safe wildlife removal. To prevent injury to you, your property, and the animal, we employ an efficient, four-step removal method. Our CritterSafe® method includes:

  1. A thorough property inspection to determine the cause and extent of your infestation
  2. Complete and humane removal of all invasive and unwanted wildlife from your property
  3. Strategic exclusion techniques so nuisance species cannot return once removed
  4. In-building restoration to clean and repair any wildlife-related damage

For more information about our safe and effective raccoon removal services or to schedule your free inspection, contact Critter Control of Mount Dora today at 352-204-0074.


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