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Mice Removal in Lake County

Of the critters you may expect to see around your Central Florida property, mice might not be at the top of the list. However, mice are actually one of the most prominent species of rodent in the state. Oftentimes, these pests will invade residential homes and commercial businesses in search of food, water, and shelter from predators and intense weather. If you suspect mice are living on your Lake County property, then rely on the mice removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County for professional mice removal services.

The Risks of a Mice Infestation

Once inside your property, a few mice will nest and breed rapidly until you have a full infestation to deal with. Such a widespread infestation of mice and be a threat to your personal health as rodents can carry and spread diseases that are incredibly dangerous to humans. Furthermore, mice can also cause significant damage to a property’s structural integrity through their gnawing and chewing tendencies.

For these reasons and more, a mice infestation can be a serious headache that should take top priority once identified. Luckily, the professional mice removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County have developed efficient and effective mice removal methods that are sure to take care of your mice issue for good.

Our Safe and Efficient Mice Removal Methods

At Critter Control® of Lake County, we employ a proven method for effective and humane rodent removal. Our CritterSafe® method consists of the following four steps:

  1. Inspection – We conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the critters and determine how they gained entry.
  2. Removal – We isolate and remove nuisance pests using humane and eco-friendly methods.
  3. Restoration – We disinfect and repair any contaminated or damaged areas of your property.
  4. Prevention – We will seal any entrances that we found during the inspection phase to prevent pests from infiltrating your property in the future.

Lake County Cities We Serve

Critter Control® of Lake County provides expert mice removal services to the following areas:

Professional Mice Removal in Lake County, FL

If you’re in need of expert mice removal for your Lake County property, look no further than Critter Control® of Lake County. Our licensed and trained wildlife experts are dedicated to conducting efficient, effective, and humane removal services that will not only remove your existing problem but also prevent future infestations from occurring. For more information on our Lake County mice removal services or to schedule your consultation and receive a complimentary estimate, give us a call today at 352-204-0074.


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