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Opossum Removal in ClermontWhether you are looking to raise a family or grow a business, Clermont could be the place for you. However, it’s also the place for a lot of wildlife — including opossums. If you spot one of these critters anywhere inside your commercial or residential Clermont property, call the team at Critter Control® of Lake County so we can get started on a personalized wildlife management plan.

Opossums Signs to Lookout For 

Opossums frequent secluded areas where they can raise their young and are most active at night, so you might have a harder time tracking them during the day. But the quicker you identify unwanted opossums, the quicker you can have them removed — and the more money you can save in repair fees. When you’re tracking down opossums, there are three key signs to look out for on your property: tracks, noises, and droppings. 

Opossum tracks are easy to identify because their back paws are larger than their front paws, which means they leave a pattern of small and large prints behind. Another way to detect opossums is to listen out for specific sounds. Opossums make clicking noises when communicating with each other or growling sounds when they feel threatened. And their droppings, brown in color, can be another obvious sign that opossums have settled somewhere in your commercial or residential building. 

Problematic Opossum Behavior 

When confronted by predators, opossums prefer to play dead and escape without a scratch. Although they rarely attack humans, these critters can still cost you in medical expenses and restoration fees. Because opossums can carry diseases and mites, they can transmit diseases to you and anyone else inside your home or business. 

Additionally, opossums will frequently scavenge from gardens and ruin any fruits and vegetables you may have growing — which eats away at profits or costs you extra time and money in replanting and repotting. They may also rummage through pet food or garbage cans to find a late-night snack, leaving a trail of trash behind.

The 4 Step CritterSafe® Wildlife Method

Ever opossum problem is different, which is why standard DIY techniques and tools aren’t effective enough to remove these critters and safely prevent their return. For careful, complete opossum removal, count on the trained specialists at Contact Critter Control® of Lake County and our four-step CritterSafe® strategy, which includes: 

  1. Inspection

  2. Removal

  3. Prevention

  4. Restoration

Critter Control of Clermont Are Your Critter Experts 

Opossums are best kept away from your Clermont property as they can cause damage to either your home or business. If you find an opossum on your property, keep your distance and contact the opossum removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately.

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