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Snake Removal

Florida is home to eight common species of snakes, some of which can be found outside commercial businesses and throughout the backyards of residential Central Florida homes. While most species are harmless and can even take control of other invasive animals and pests, nobody wants to be greeted at the door by a slithering reptile. Here’s what to do if you find a snake in your home or business in The Villages and how Critter Control® of Lake County can help.

4 Common Snake Entry Points

A key method to snake prevention is to know where they get in. Most homes and businesses have four vulnerable spots. Check these sites to ensure they are properly secured.

  1. Yards – If a yard is full of debris and is not fenced, your first line of defense is already down. Make sure to fence in your property and keep the grass trimmed to limit snake hiding places.
  2. Laundry or Supply Rooms – Oftentimes, laundry rooms or supply closets are linked to outdoor pipes. These pipes can crack, leaving ample space for a snake to slither in. Maintain all pipes leading to these rooms to ensure they are intact and all vents are secure.
  3. Kitchens – Kitchens also have pipes connecting to an exterior sewer system. If not properly sealed, these pipes could provide another entry point for snake to get in a residence.
  4. Doors – This one may seem obvious, but a gap under any door could be the most direct way for a snake to enter. Make sure all doorways are sealed and have no space between the door and the frame.

Damages Snakes Can Cause in The Villages

Snakes can help maintain the local wildlife if they are in the wild but they can cause serious problems to people and property if disturbed, cornered, or handled improperly.

  • Bites – The most common type of harm a snake can cause, venomous snake bites can be fatal to people or pets. However, even non-venomous snakes will bite if provoked. Snake bites are extremely painful and can cause severe reactions that take time to recover from.
  • Shedding – Snakes can shed their skin during hibernation. These molts can be left in the pipes of homes, causing a potential blockage.
  • Environment – Some species of snakes are non-native, meaning they were introduced by other people. This can interrupt the local ecosystem, reducing the populations of other native species.

Safe Snake Removal in The Villages

If you find a snake in your home or business, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, contact the licensed and trained snake removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County. Our expert team uses humane CritterSafe® removal methods to permanently expel snakes and other pests from your property. Our four-step process includes:

  1. Inspection – Our specialists perform a thorough inspection to find and identify nuisance pests.
  2. Removal – Snakes will be removed from the property using safe and humane methods.
  3. Repair – All property damaged is managed and restored by our team.
  4. Exclusion – We will secure any entry points the snake used to ensure you don’t have any more unwanted guests. 

To schedule an inspection of your The Villages property and receive a free estimate for our snake removal services, call Critter Control® of Lake County at 352-204-0074.


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