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Armadillo Removal in The Villages

Anyone living in the Central Florida area has probably stumbled upon an armadillo at one point or another. Shy by nature, these armored little critters usually run for cover before you can get too close. But that’s not to say armadillos are completely harmless as these creatures can carry and transmit numerous diseases and cause extensive damage to your The Villages property by digging and burrowing in your yard.

If you believe you may have an armadillo problem on your property in The Villages, our professionals at Critter Control of Lake County can provide you with fast, efficient, and permanent armadillo removal services.

Dangers of Armadillos in The Villages

When confronted with danger, an armadillo is known to scurry away from conflict or freeze up and hide away inside its armored shell. But like any wild animal, armadillos may attack if they feel backed into a corner. Scratching or biting in defense, armadillos can quickly spread diseases like rabies and leprosy. Pets are particularly susceptible to contracting diseases from armadillos as they are more likely to chase, corner, or get a little too close for comfort to these armored critters. 

Signs of Armadillo Damage 

Beyond spreading diseases, armadillos can wreak major havoc to your home and yard. Armadillos love to dig, often building extensive, twisting dens up to seven-feet-deep and eight-inches wide. If searching for extra snacks or more room for their young, armadillos will sometimes dig multiple dens in a single yard. These massive dens can disrupt gardens, landscaping, and, if tunneled underneath your home, can cause costly foundational infrastructure damage. 

Trusted Armadillo Removal Services in The Villages

An armadillo issue can be tough to identify and tackle, but you don’t have to go it alone. If these critters have set up camp in your yard, Critter Control® of Lake County is here to help. Our licensed and certified experts are dedicated to protecting your property with humane armadillo removal and preventative maintenance. Following our four-step CritterSafe® method, our trained wildlife removal professionals will rid your home of unwanted critters through a comprehensive inspection, complete removal, preventative exclusion, and damage restoration. 

If you encounter a wild animal on your Lake County property, keep your distance from the animal and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately at 352-275-0074.


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