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Snake Removal

The state of Florida hosts some of the most vicious predators and dangerous wildlife in the country. On top of the sharks and alligators, the Sunshine State is home to 44 different species of snakes. The Central Florida community of Groveland is no stranger to Florida snake sightings as these reptiles frequently venture into and take shelter in vulnerable residences and commercial properties.

Although snakes will normally mind their own business, attempting to remove them without professional help can end with severe injuries. If you encounter snakes in your Groveland home or business, keep your distance and contact the snake removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately.

5 Ways to Prevent Groveland Snake Invasions

The easiest way to avoid contact with snakes inside your property is to prevent their entrance. These long and scaly creatures are extremely flexible and will exploit any exposure in your perimeter. Here are some ways to secure your Groveland home from snakes.

  1. Fence or shut off access to your yard.
  2. Recognize and cover any holes or possible entry points in your yard.
  3. Look out for cracks and flaws in your outer walls and doors.
  4. Mow your lawn so snakes cannot camouflage or hide themselves in tall grass.
  5. Remove logs and other yard debris that snakes could use to nest under.

The tidier your property is, the less appealing and vulnerable it will be to snakes. If you want to avoid future snake removals, it is important to follow these precautionary steps.

Do Not Attempt The Dangers of DIY Snake Removal By Yourself

If snakes have avoided your preventative measures and found a way into your property, do not take matters into your own hands with time-consuming and ineffective snake removal techniques like traps and over-the-counter snake repellants.

  • Snake traps are only effective when reptiles have established themselves indoors. These devices do not lure snakes in when they are installed in open spaces and could put your own pets in danger. In most cases, they entrap inoffensive critters and create an additional hassle for you.
  • Snake repellants will prove to be a waste of money, as only natural odors such as the musk of a kingsnake or mongoose urine are capable of effectively deterring snakes.

Not only are both amateur snake removal methods ineffective, but attempting to handle a snake on your own could have deadly consequences or lead to serious injuries since snake bites can be extremely poisonous and lethal.

Contact Your Groveland Snake Removal Experts

Instead of risking your safety or spending time and money on unproductive and unfruitful alternatives, trust our licensed snake removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County to remove these dangerous reptiles for you. With countless hours of experience under their belts, our knowledgeable team will use our specialized four-step CritterSafe® method to thoroughly inspect your property, completely remove all snakes, permanently seal all entry points, and retore any damage the snakes caused to your property.

If snakes have found their way into your Groveland home or place of business, do not waste any time in calling Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-275-5924 to schedule your comprehensive property inspection.


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