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Bat Removal Clermont | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorBats play an important role in the balance of our ecosystem by limiting invasive insect populations. While their mosquito-eating contributions to the environment are appreciated, their presence on residential and commercial Lake County properties is another question. Unfortunately, getting rid of roosting bats in the state of Florida is a complicated process that must follow strict regulatory guidelines. 

3 Protected Bats Found in Clermont Florida

Because many bats are declared as endangered species and protected under Florida state law, it is illegal to kill, harm, or even remove them from your property without proper state licensing. Not only are several types of bats protected by law, but so are the structures they roost under. 

Currently, Florida is home to three federally endangered species of bats:

  • The Florida bonneted bat

  • The Gray bat

  • The Indiana bat 

Florida Bat Removal Restrictions 

It is illegal to remove bats from your property during their mating season. Bats generally mate and reproduce between the months of April and August. By law, newborn bat pups must be allowed to mature until they are able to fly on their own, and mother bats must be allowed free and unrestricted access to and from their roost—whether it is on your property or not.

Bat Removal Ramifications 

If bats are causing a disturbance or damage to your Clermont home or business, do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. There are a number of health, financial, and legal consequences involved with DIY bat removal that could result in:

  • bites, scratches, or other bodily injuries
  • the spread of infectious diseases, such as histoplasmosis and rabies
  • severe legal fines that could cost you thousands of dollars

Don’t put yourself or loved ones at risk by attempting to trap or kill a bat. Instead, rely on the professional services of Critter Control® to handle your Clermont bat removal.

Critter Control of Clermont Provides Legal and Licensed Bat Removal

Let Critter Control® cure you of your bat problem. Our fully licensed and certified animal removal specialist will inspect your property, accurately identify your species of bat, and devise a safe, humane, and legal plan for its exclusion that fits within your schedule and budget. Our technicians will also bat-proof your property to ensure they don’t return as well as clean, restore, and repair any damages that may have occurred due to your infestation.

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