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Photograph of a brown squirrel

Squirrels are seemingly harmless creatures, so seeing them on your Lake County property may not be too alarming. Although you may be used to seeing squirrels outdoors, having them in your attic and walls is something that should raise concern. In order for squirrels to wear down their ever-growing teeth, they are constantly gnawing away at things, which can wreak havoc on your Leesburg home or business. Here are the typical warning signs that squirrels are on your property and the importance of using local, professional squirrel removal services.

5 Signs That Squirrels Are in Your Home

Squirrels can access your home through multiple entry points. Damage to any roofing structures, pipes, and chimneys make it easy for them to slip into the comfort of your residence. Homes and buildings provide protection from outdoor predators, an escape from the Florida heat and rain, and a safe location for them to nest. You may have a squirrel infestation if you notice any of these signs:

  1. Small black droppings in your attic or around your home

  2. A foul, ammonia-like smell that is caused by their urine

  3. Scurrying or squeals coming from your walls or attic

  4. Wires or wood structures that have bite marks on them

  5. Destroyed insulation in your attic

Why You Should Seek Leesburg Squirrel Removal Professionals  

Squirrels may seem like cute, harmless critters but ignoring an infestation can lead to a great deal of damage. In fact, the longer you ignore the problem the larger the infestation will grow, and the harder it will be to maintain. Although it’s tempting to try at-home removal methods, they often don’t fully eliminate the problem. Common issues that are seen when using do-it-yourself removal methods are:

  1. DIY traps that aren’t stable enough to hold a squirrel

  2. The use of food that doesn’t attract squirrels

  3. Placing the traps where the squirrels can easily avoid them

Running into these issues can delay the process of eliminating your infestation and give squirrels the time to cause even more damage. Professional squirrel removal will not only get rid of the problem efficiently but ensure the critters don’t come back.

The Team at Critter Control® of Leesburg is Here to Help

At-home removal methods do not guarantee a permanent solution. Leave it to the trained professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County to remove any invasive squirrels that may be causing you trouble. We use a four-step process that guarantees a thorough inspection of your home, humane removal, restoration of any damages, and the exclusion of the critters.

If you have seen squirrels on your Leesburg property, call us today at 352-204-0074.


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