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snake removal in clermont

In the sunny and warm climate of Florida, snakes often look to residential homes for food, water, and shelter. Therefore, it’s not unlikely to find these scaly reptiles slithering around in your backyard in search of sunlight for their cold-blooded bodies. While snakes can assist residences by keeping other pests—like rats and mice—away, their presence can strike fear at first glance, and for a good reason.

Though most Florida snakes are non-venomous, many do have a tendency to bite those who startle, threaten, or accidentally disturb them. If you happen upon a snake on your Clermont property, keep a safe distance and rely on the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Lake County for proper Clermont snake removal.

Snake Removal, Control, and Prevention Tips

Once you identify a snake near or in your home, there are several steps you can take to make sure the infestation doesn’t grow worse. Here are a few steps you can take to control snakes before you get help from professionals.

  1. Check for other pests. Snakes subsist on other animals like frogs, insects, mice, and more. If you find evidence of an infestation of other pests on your Clermont property, it may be a source of food for the snake population.
  1. Secure holes and other openings on your property. With their slender and flexible bodies, it’s no wonder that snakes can wriggle through many access points to get inside your residence. Double-check slits near windows and doors as well as cracks in fences, garages, and other exterior walls.
  1. Keep your vegetation trimmed. Snakes can hide in overgrown backyard foliage, so removing their cover can leave them defenseless. In general, removing piles of materials and debris that can serve as potential hiding places will also help deter snakes.
  1. Think about the weather when searching for snakes. Though snakes thrive on the warmth of sunlight, the blistering Florida summer sun can often prove too hot for them in midday. In this instance, you may find snakes more easily in early mornings or late evenings. The opposite is true for Clermont winters, where colder temperatures can lure snakes into the open.

Why Snake Removal Requires a Professional

The above tips may work to deter snakes away from your property, but if you have snakes within your home or nesting in other outdoor structures, their removal will require professional assistance. To avoid the risk of painful strike or venomous bite, keep your distance from the animal and contact the licensed and equipped snake removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County to quickly and safely remove nuisance snakes from your Clermont property before they get the opportunity to breed and increase their infestation.

Your Clermont Snake Removal Experts

If you’re dealing with snakes or other pests in or on your Clermont property, our talented team of wildlife control specialists at Critter Control® of Lake County can deliver permanent pest removal solutions.

If you suspect that you are dealing with snakes at your Clermont home or business, contact Critter Control of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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