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Eustis Snake Removal

Forty-four species of snakes live in Florida and they can be found all over the state, from freshwater wetlands to residential neighborhoods. Despite their infamous reputation, snakes are not aggressive and will likely slither away upon human encounter. However, snakes will attack if they feel threatened, so avoiding them should always be a priority. If snakes have invaded your Eustis property, do not attempt to remove them on your own. Instead, rely on the expert snake removal services of the licensed and equipped wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County.

Wild Snakes Are Serious Health Threats

Snakes often feel uneasy when treading unknown territory and this can lead them to be easily triggered upon encounter. While most human encounters with snakes tend to end without injuries, such camouflaging reptiles are often hard to spot. It is also possible to approach or step on a snake by accident, instinctively triggering an attack.

Unfortunately, snake attacks are especially common in Florida, and their presence on your Eustis property could result in a painful or deadly attack against you or your loved ones if not immediately addressed. A non-venomous snake assault will only result in a bite wound, but an attack from one of the six poisonous species of Florida snake can be fatal. Furthermore, pets are especially vulnerable to snake attacks as they are more likely to approach them out of curiosity.

Preventing Snakes from Invading Your Property

To protect your household from these reptiles, it is important that you take the following precautions against their invasion.

  • Eliminate Points of Entry – Identify and cover any entry points around your home. Holes, cracks, and gaps wide enough for snakes to slide through increase your chances of infestation.
  • Install a Barrier – If your land is unprotected, fencing off your yard’s perimeter could prevent snakes from entering.
  • Clear Yard Debris – Maintaining a clean and clutter-free lawn is also important since snakes prefer to hide in tall grass, logs, and other objects and debris common to a disorganized yard.

Although such measures reduce the probability of snakes entering your property, these unpredictable animals can still find a way in. If this occurs, keep your distance and seek out professional assistance.

Eustis Snake Removal Experts at Your Service

Personal attempts to remove wild snakes from your property can put both your life and the animals in danger. Venomous snake attacks can be fatal, and these reptiles cannot survive if they are amateurly displaced from their natural environment. To protect yourself and the wildlife, it is important that you contact your local and certified snake removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County if snakes or other wild animals are roaming about your Eustis property. Our team will find a new home for the snake while protecting yours in the process.

If you have seen snakes on your property, call Critter Control of Eustis immediately at 352-204-0074.


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