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snake removal in lake county

Snakes are one of the world’s most feared animals; however, they can be beneficial to residential neighborhoods due to their appetite for invasive pests and rodents such as rats and mice. While the sight of a snake outdoors can be startling for some homeowners, seeing a snake in the home can be absolutely terrifying.

If you have discovered the presence of snakes in your Lake County home, do not approach them. There are many different kinds of snakes in Florida, both poisonous and non-poisonous. Depending on the type of snakes you are dealing with, they can be very dangerous for you to try attempt to catch and remove them on your own. Instead, contact your local snake removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County to handle the job safely and efficiently.

8 Common Types of Florida Snakes

The following eight snakes are most common in the state of Florida:

  1. Water snakes
  2. Indigo snakes
  3. Coachwhip snakes
  4. Rattlesnakes
  5. Cottonmouths
  6. Moccasins
  7. Pythons
  8. Boa Constrictors

While not all of these snakes are venomous, an encounter with any of them can still be dangerous, perhaps even fatal, to you, your kids, or your pets.

Safe Snake Removal Methods

At Critter Control®, we employ licensed and insured wildlife removal specialists who are trained and certified to deal with a variety of nuisance wildlife, including venomous and non-venomous snakes. Our team of professionals are prepared and equipped with all the tools and knowledge to effectively expedite the removal of snakes from your property. Our practiced and proven CritterSafe® technique guarantees a thorough removal process that leaves no stone unturned. The four-step process includes:

  • Inspection – A comprehensive inspection of your property is performed to locate and identify the snake.
  • Removal – All snakes are isolated and removed from your property using humane and eco-friendly methods.
  • Repair – Any property damage caused by snakes are remedied and restored to their original condition.
  • Exclusion – Any access points or areas of exposure that snakes can use to enter your home are sealed to prevent snakes from returning.

Expert Snake Removal in Lake County

Snake removal is difficult and dangerous to attempt on your own, For fast and effective snake removal, rely on the team of experts at Critter Control® of Lake County. We will use our expertise to eliminate your snake infestation and make sure they never come back. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate for our snake removal services, call us today at 352-275-5924.

Cities in Lake County That We Cover

To schedule an inspection for your commercial or residential property at any time of year, contact us at 352-204-0074.


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