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Photograph of a brown squirrel

They might dash up a tree when you cross paths outdoors, but squirrels aren’t likely to scurry from your home or business when you cross paths inside. In fact, these critters can sometimes get stuck in your building with no way out on their own. Luckily, the local staff at Critter Control® of Lake County is fully licensed and trained to handle any commercial or residential squirrel infestation — including yours.

5 Signs to Help Identify if You Have a Squirrel Infestation

Squirrels often nest in hidden, low-traffic locations, which means you might not actually see them inside your building. You will, however, start to see, hear, and smell other signs of their presence, including:

  1. Scurrying noises during the daytime
  2. Strong urine or fecal odor
  3. Small animal tracks inside your building
  4. Chew marks on wooden beams, wires, or cardboard
  5. Nesting areas in your attic or chimney

These are the tell-tale signs of a squirrel infestation, and they should never be ignored. Call Critter Control® of Lake County to inspect your property for wildlife and entry points as soon as you notice any of the unusual activities mentioned above. For two decades, we’ve handled squirrels, rats, raccoons, and all kinds of wildlife in Lake County, and we’re dedicated to putting your critter crisis to rest in the safest way possible.

4-Step Method for Safely Handling Squirrels

Although squirrels carry diseases, cause damage, and create clutter, their main goal is simply to survive. These critters don’t want to bother your home or business — even though it’s exactly what they do once inside it. Sometimes, they even end up stuck in your attic or chimney purely by accident. So, instead of treating a squirrel infestation with inhumane products and tactics, our licensed team at Critter Control® of Lake County uses a completely CritterSafe® method that includes:

  1. Inspection

  2. Removal

  3. Restoration

  4. Prevention

Professional Squirrel Removal Services in Lake County, FL

Unprofessional squirrel services will leave your home or business unprotected for the future. At Critter Control® of Lake County, we take the time to not only remove wildlife but also repair entry points to prevent animals from coming back. And, we’re available to return to your property for regular inspections, preventative installations, or any of your other wildlife-related requests.

Cities in Lake County That We Cover

If you’d like to schedule an inspection or set up a consultation, contact Critter Control of Lake County today at 352-204-0074 today.


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