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Rat Removal The Villages | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorAn infestation of rats can cause undue damage to your property in The Villages. Not only can these greasy rodents chew up and contaminate your business or home, but they can also expose its occupants to harmful bacteria and infectious diseases such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus. Because rats are known to rapidly multiply soon after establishing a nest, it is critical to contact Critter Control® of Lake County as soon as you notice any signs of rat entry in or around your property.  

5 Common Rat Entry Points 

While rats can squeeze and contort their flexible bodies through holes in the walls and floors of your property that are no bigger than the size of a quarter, they are more likely to enter through the following access points: 

  1. Garage doors

  2. Chimneys and gutters

  3. Ventilation ducts

  4. Foundational cracks 

  5. Underground pipes

Clear signs of rat entry include foul smells, scratching noises, and dark stains or droppings along interior walls and attic floorboards. If such activity is present, contact Critter Control® of Lake County right away.  

Critter Control of The Villages 4 Step Humane Rat Removal Process

Critter Control® of Lake County has perfected a four-step process to humanely remove rats and other nuisance pests. Our proven CritterSafe® program includes:   

  1. Inspection

    After a free and thorough property inspection, our licensed technicians will pinpoint the source and scope of your infestation and work with you to strategize a removal plan that fits your budget and schedule.  

  2. Removal

    Because extermination is a last resort, our professional rat removal experts will attempt to humanely remove all invasive critters from your property through the use of environmentally safe exclusion and trapping methods.  

  3. Restoration

    Our team will also employ pest clean-up techniques to restore your home to its proper, pre-infestation condition.    

  4. Exclusion

    To ensure our solution is a permanent one, we will seal and block all entry points that rats used to access your property. 

Professional Rat Removal in The Villages

If you notice signs of rats on your property, contact the pest removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County to take care of your infestation. Trained and qualified, our experienced technicians will efficiently and permanently remove all rats from your property and repair the damage they leave behind.

For safe and sound rat removal, call 352-204-0074 today to schedule your free consultation. 


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