Baby birds in the palm of handsEustis wildlife may not be welcome in your home, but these animals are still valuable members of the environment. If a stray animal settles on your property, your first instinct may be to call professional animal removal services. But, not all pest control companies are the same when it comes to their methods and animal control philosophy. Here are 3 reasons to choose a humane wildlife removal company for any of your Eustis pest problems.

1. Secure Your Home

A company’s ethics say a lot about the work that it provides. Humane removal experts strive to preserve safety and security, which means that they also strive to find solutions that keep animals from entering again. Rather than simply removing the disturbance from a specific area, humane professionals will inspect the entire perimeter to find more effective ways to keep wildlife in the wild. When removing any critter from your home, these wildlife experts determine the source of the problem, locate the point of entry, and develop a long-term solution to prevent re-entry.

2. Find Natural Solutions

Conventional pest repellants are full of harmful chemicals and toxins that can severely or fatally injure wildlife, and exposing your family to these pesticides can be dangerous as well. However, humane wildlife removal experts can offer more natural solutions to deter wild animals from your home without risking the health of your family or your unexpected guests. Because these experts understand the specifics of each local species, they know how to create concrete solutions to target specific pest problems or complete critter control.

3. Get Safe Advice

Trapping an animal on your own is not as simple as you think, and can even create more problems for yourself. You might needlessly harm the animal in the process or introduce more risks for your home and family. Fortunately, humane pest control experts study animals to understand their behavior and how to securely handle their removal, which means that they can recommend methods to preserve the safety of every person and every critter involved. Work with a humane pest expert, and you’ll learn more about what attracts, deters, and effectively removes wildlife from your home.

Where to Find Humane Wildlife Control in Eustis

Luckily for homeowners in Central Florida, the humane wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Lake County are just around the corner. We can safely remove any animal from your property and preserve the Eustis environment through education and future prevention.

If you have any questions about our humane practices or want to schedule a free home inspection, call us Critter Control of Eustis at 352-204-0074 today.


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