A Step-by-Step Guide to Rat-Proofing Your House

Most can agree that a safe and happy home is also a rat-free home, but are you doing all you can to keep your home free of rats? Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware that their daily habits may be helping to attract rats to their property. To avoid the nightmare of a rat infestation, here are some helpful tips for rat-proofing your home.

Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Home

  1. Reduce Access to Food Sources

The biggest reason rats infest residential homes is to gain access to readily available food sources. Rats have sensitive noses that can sniff out the smallest food crumbs in your home. To avoid attracting rats, restrict your eating to your kitchen and dining areas. Vacuum and sweep frequently and wipe down counters after preparing meals to reduce alluring food odors. Invest in secure plastic containers for the food in your pantry and keep your waste in trash bins with tightly sealed lids that rats cannot easily get into.

  1. Seal Potential Entry Points

If rats have made their way into your home, it is unlikely they came through the front door. Rather, it is more likely they found a small gap or hole somewhere around the outside of your home and chewed their way inside with their strong, ever-growing teeth. Regularly inspecting your home’s exterior for areas of exposure is a necessary step in ensuring your home remains rat-proof. If you find a hole or gap, seal the potential rat entrances with caulk, putty, or wire mesh to keep rats out. Check on any gaps that you sealed previously and reinforce them as needed.

  1. Clear Away Vegetation and Debris

Just because you’ve sealed some entrances does not mean that rats can’t find another way inside. Keep in mind that rats are very good at getting where they want to be, as they have sharp teeth that can chew through just about everything. As you are inspecting your exterior for gaps, make note of the vegetation and debris around your home. Rats are skilled climbers that can easily scale siding, downspouts, and trees to access your roof and enter your attic. Trim back any overhanging tree limbs and remove debris piles that rats often nest in.

While the above rat-proofing your home tips may help to reduce your chances of a rat infestation, if you are already dealing with invasive rats, the only way to permanently get rid of the pests is to contact a professional rat removal service.

Leave Rat-Proofing Your Home to the Professionals

The licensed and trained rat removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County are equipped and experienced to humanely remove unwanted pests without the use of poisonous chemicals or unsafe traps. Not only will our rat removal experts safely get rid of rats in your home, but they will also safeguard your home to prevent the rodents from returning. To schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate for our rat removal and rat-proofing services, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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