What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Raccoons?

Many people view raccoons as cute and harmless creatures until the pests are ravaging their lawns and destroying their gardens. Once you have dealt with a raccoon infestation firsthand, you will understand the level of grief and damage these critters can cause to you and your property. To prevent a growing raccoon infestation, here are some raccoon removal methods to quickly and safely get rid of raccoons near your home.

Natural Raccoon Removal Methods

  1. Secure Your Outdoor Trash Cans

Raccoons are attracted to accessible food sources on your property. The dexterous and mischievous pests often target outdoor trash cans with unsecure lids. Thus, one way to deter raccoons from your property is by tightly securing your outdoor trash cans or storing them inside until the morning of your scheduled garbage pick-up. By doing so, you’ll cut off one of their main food sources and encourage them to forage elsewhere.

  1. Spread Used Coffee Grounds

Raccoons have sensitive noses that they use to sniff out food. However, there are some scents that are too powerful for the pests to handle. Particularly, raccoons hate the smell of used coffee grounds. You can drive them away by scattering used coffee grounds in your garden or in areas of high raccoon activity. This raccoon removal strategy is particularly popular with homeowners because it is inexpensive and convenient. However, the scent must be applied regularly for it to remain effective.

  1. Call a Raccoon Removal Professional

While you may achieve some success using the above DIY-raccoon removal  methods, they only offer temporary relief from invasive raccoons. And unless you have the right protective gear, approaching or attempting to capture a wild raccoon is not advised as they can attack and transmit dangerous diseases if threatened. Instead, leave all raccoon removal efforts to licensed, and trained wildlife professionals.

The experienced raccoon removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County are equipped to perform safe and effective raccoon removal services to humanely get rid of unwanted raccoons without harming the animal or your property.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services Near You

If your Lake County property is overrun with nuisance raccoons, rely on the raccoon removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County. After a thorough property inspection, we will use non-toxic and eco-friendly methods to permanently remove raccoons and keep them from returning.

To schedule an inspection and receive a complimentary estimate for our raccoon removal services, call us today at 352-204-0074.


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