5 Common Types of Local Wildlife Found in Lake County

In the Central Florida wildlife control industry, there is never a dull moment. Especially in Lake County, FL, which is home to various types of wildlife that, quite often, wander onto the properties of local residents and business owners. Such invasive wildlife activity can disrupt a home, pose a problem to its integrity, and threaten the safety of its residents. It is best to know a little about your surrounding wildlife, their dangers, damages, and diseases, and how to prevent your Lake County property from falling victim to these animals.

Top 6 Invasive Local Wildlife Threats in Lake County, Florida

Here are six of the most common types of local wildlife to look out for in the Lake County, FL area.

  1. BatsBats leave dark, greasy stains around entrances as well as scratch marks on walls. They can also create foul odors from their urine and guano that can transmit diseases. Their toxic droppings combined with their protected status and seasonal laws that prohibit their removal during mating season makes bats an incredibly difficult animal to remove from your property.
  2. MiceA few invasive mice can grow into a full-blown infestation in a matter of weeks. Female mice can reproduce up to 10 times a year, producing, on average, a litter of six to eight mice each cycle. Soon after a mice infestation, you will notice small droppings, dark stains on walls and ceilings, and chew marks on food boxes, wires, drywall, cloth, etc. Such contamination can affect your health, and the health of your family and pets.
  3. RaccoonsOne of most curious, messiest, and mischievous of local Lake County critters, raccoons leave in their wake damaged air ducts, shredded screen doors, long droppings on floorboards, tipped over trashcans, and track marks and garbage strewn around your property.
  4. Rats Rats will find various ways to enter your home and proceed to nest, breed, and gnaw on furniture, cardboard, attic insulation, and anything else in their way. Like mice, rats can also reproduce rapidly and leave rancid droppings, greasy smudges, and contaminated food.
  5. SquirrelsMuch like the other critters on this list, squirrels will cause unpleasant damages and odors to your home. A member of the rodent family alongside rats and mice, squirrels will leave chew marks on wooden beams, cardboard, and wires in an effort to dull their ever-growing teeth.
  6. SnakesSnakes are one of the world’s most feared animals; however, they can be beneficial to residential neighborhoods due to their appetite for invasive pests and rodents such as rats and mice. While the sight of a snake outdoors can be startling for some homeowners, seeing a snake in the home can be absolutely terrifying.

Efficient Lake County Local Wildlife Removal

If you discover an animal infestation in your home by any of the aforementioned wildlife, then keep your distance from the animal and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately. Our team of professional wildlife removal technicians are experienced and equipped to quickly and humanely remove wildlife from your home or business with the help of our proven CritterSafe® method.

Our four-step process includes a comprehensive inspection to determine how the critters got in, humane and safe removal, installation of exclusion devices that seal off entry points to prevent future infestations, and the decontamination and restoration of any damages caused by the unwanted pests.

To schedule a property inspection and receive a free estimate for our Lake County wildlife removal services, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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