DIY Rodent Removal: Tips and Tricks for Banishing Mice and Rats from Your Home

Having an active rodent infestation on your residential property can be a nightmare. But when one happens, most homeowners are at a total loss on how to get rid of the pests. Don’t be caught off guard if a rodent infestation happens on your property. To prepare, here are some DIY rodent removal tips and tricks for banishing mice and rats from your home.

DIY Rodent Removal Methods

  • Natural Rat Deterrents

Natural DIY rodent removal methods offer a humane approach that often utilize scents that rodents hate, such as peppermint and eucalyptus. Conveniently, both scents can be purchased in oil form. You can use these rat-deterrent essential oils by dabbing a few cotton balls with the oil of your choice. Then, place the saturated cotton balls around your property in areas with high rodent activity. Be mindful to change out the cotton balls when they start to lose their scent. As long as you keep the scent potent, it should overwhelm the rodent’s senses and encourage them to flee.

  • Rodent Traps

The use of rat traps is a very traditional, tried-and-true method of mice and rat removal. While the use of traps can be effective at eliminating rodents, this DIY rodent removal method has largely fallen out of favor because it is considered inhumane. Furthermore, traps only kill one mouse or rat at a time and require you to dispose of their carcass, a process that could infect you with a disease if not handled properly.

  • Poisonous Chemicals

When considering DIY rodent removal methods, the use of rat poison often springs to mind. However, in addition to being an inhumane method of DIY rodent removal, it is a dangerous tactic. Leaving poisonous chemicals around your property can be a fatal mistake, especially if you have curious pets or children inside your home that could accidentally ingest the poisoned bait.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Rodent Removal

Instead of attempting DIY rodent removal, which may require you to purchase and use potentially dangerous materials, consider hiring the services of a rodent removal professional. The services of an experienced wildlife expert are much safer and more effective than DIY rodent removal methods conducted by untrained homeowners.

Local Mice and Rat Removal Experts

If you’re in the midst of a rodent infestation, rely on the licensed and trained wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County for fast and permanent mice and rat removal services. To schedule an inspection and receive a complimentary mice and rat removal estimate, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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