How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Snake From Your House?

If you live in Florida, then you understand that snakes are all around. Oftentimes, the reptiles may try to slither into your home in search of food or shelter. If this occurs, do not attempt to remove a snake on your own. DIY snake removal methods can be rather dangerous, which is why it is important that you rely on a snake removal professional to handle the job for you. However, you may be wondering just how much an emergency snake removal will cost you.

Here is what you need to know about the costs of snake removal services.

Factors That Influence Snake Removal Costs

Before getting down to the actual numbers, it is important to note that the price of your snake removal service can be influenced by a few different factors. These include:

  1. Snake species – Dangerous and venomous snakes may cost more to remove than more docile species.
  2. Location of the snake – Whether the snake is deep inside of your home or outside underneath your porch may change the price.
  3. Your Location – The price for a snake removal can also vary depending on where you live.

Averages Cost of Snake Removal

Keeping in mind that a snake removal service can be influenced by various factors, there is a price range that you can reference to get an idea of how much your snake removal service may cost.

Generally, a snake removal can cost around $150 on the lower end. This usually means that the snake is nonvenomous and in an easy-to-remove location. Unfortunately, on the higher end, you could be paying up to $600.

Therefore, you should generally expect to pay around $300 to get rid of a snake, but you should also prepare for variations on that price based on the above influencing factors.

Your Go-to Central Florida Snake Removal Experts

If you’re looking for affordable snake removal services in Central Florida, rely on the professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County.

At Critter Control® of Lake County, our licensed, trained, and experienced snake removal experts will work with you to perform an effective and safe snake removal service that is easy on your schedule and budget. We will inspect your property to determine the location and size of the invasive pest, strategize and execute a removal plan, clean up any mess or damage the pest caused, and install safeguards to prevent future infestations.

For more information on our snake removal services or to schedule an inspection, which includes a complimentary estimate, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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