Natural Methods for Repelling Possums

When you spot an opossum in your backyard, you may panic thinking about the possible diseases it could be carrying and the potential that you or your family may be exposed. However, while such panic is a natural response, opossums are rather docile critters that rarely host serious diseases like rabies.

However, possums are wild animals that can do harm to your property or get inside and nest in your home. To prevent that from happening in a safe and humane way, here are a few natural opossum removal tips to repel possums from your property.

Natural Opossum Removal Methods

  • Motion-activated Lights and Sprinkler Systems

Creatures like opossums tend to be very skittish. If you have motion-sensing flood lights or a sprinkler system in your backyard that you can control, activate them to deter the pests. Opossums are nocturnal, so set your sprinklers to run overnight when they are the most active.

  • Red Fox Urine

One of the most effective methods for deterring a pest is using the urine of its main predator. In the case of the opossum, they are afraid of foxes. Spinking store-bought red fox urine around your backyard will keep them far away from your Lake County property. However, keep in mind that it will need to be reapplied frequently in order to keep the opossums at bay.

  • Garlic

Opossums are very sensitive to the smell of garlic. The odor emitted from the bulbous plant assaults the senses of opossums, making it a great natural repellant for the pest. It is also a convenient method since you’re likely to already have garlic in the home. To bring out the smells the most effectively, be sure to grind the garlic up into a paste before applying it to opossum infested areas around your property. Just be cautious not to put the paste near any important vegetation as it may negatively affect or even kill your plants. 

  • Cayenne Pepper

Another natural opossum removal deterrent that you might already have in your kitchen is cayenne pepper. Many pests hate the smell of cayenne pepper because, like garlic, it also overwhelms their senses. One way to apply cayenne pepper is by mixing it with water in a spray bottle, and then spraying problem areas. An even more powerful method is to mix cayenne pepper into your garlic paste to increase its effectiveness.

The Risks of DIY Opossum Removal

While the above methods are all great, natural, and humane methods to get rid of opossums, they only offer temporary relief from the critters. They also put you at a greater risk of being exposed to opossum contamination, bites, or scratches. Therefore, it is best to leave opossum removal to wildlife professionals.

Professional Opossum Removal Services in Lake County, Florida

If you are dealing with an opossum infestation on your Lake County, FL property, rely on the opossum removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County.

At Critter Control® of Lake County, all of our licensed and trained opossum removal experts are equipped and experienced to conduct safe, effective, and humane opossum removal services. When you’re ready to get rid of the opossums on your property for good, call Critter Control® of Lake County at 352-204-0074 to schedule your consultation and receive a complimentary opossum removal estimate.


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