The Pros and Cons of Different Rodent Removal Methods

Rodents are one of the most common pests in the Lake County area. While these critters usually keep to themselves, they are known to cause serious damage when infesting Lake County properties. If you’re currently dealing with a rodent infestation, here are a few of the most popular rodent removal methods you can try and the pros and cons of each.

Common Rodent Removal Methods

  • Snap Traps – Rodent snap traps consist of the classic metal trap on a wooden board design that is often baited with cheese. When the trap is triggered, a metal bar snaps down on the rodent, either trapping or killing it. On the plus side, these traps are generally cheap at around $5 per trap. However, they must be strategically positioned and replaced every time a rodent is trapped. Snap traps are also easily triggered by curious pets and careless humans.
  • Electric Traps – Electric traps are designed to shock the rodents to death. While inhumane, these traps are very effective at getting rid of rodents. However, they can also be very expensive, with some of the most effective versions costing upwards of $100.
  • Poison Bait Traps – Poison traps are another effective, albeit inhumane, rodent removal option. With poison traps, the rodents are lured to consume a small amount of poisoned bait. This tactic often results in a slow and painful death for the animal in an inaccessible area in your home. A decomposing rodent carcass will ultimately emit a lingering foul odor that can quickly spread throughout your property. Furthermore, poison traps are dangerous and can be harmful to pets if they accidentally consume the poison.
  • Live Catch Traps – A more humane option compared to other traps, live catch traps lure rodents into a small cage, trapping the creatures until they are removed. While this type of trap is ideal if you don’t want to deal with a dead rodent, you will still have to handle the live animal and check the trap on a daily basis to ensure that any trapped rodents don’t starve to death.

While DIY rodent removal methods like the various traps listed above may be helpful to some extent, they are only temporary relief from a growing rodent infestation. Handling a rodent on your own can also expose you to bites and the potential spread of disease. Ultimately, there is no method that is safer or more effective for permanently getting rid of invasive rodents than hiring a trained rodent removal professional.

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