The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

When realizing the existence of a growing pest issue on their property, many homeowners attempt to handle the problem on their own. Unfortunately, taking the strategic and complicated practice of pest control into their own hands usually does not end up solving their pest problem effectively. Here are some of the many reasons why DIY pest control should be avoided and why relying on pest control professionals is the recommended choice.

DIY Pest Control Costs Time and Money

One of the main appeals of DIY pest control is that it seems like it would be cheaper than calling a professional, but most of the time, it actually isn’t. While it may start off as a less expensive option, the costs of DIY pest control traps and sprays can quickly add up. Most people underestimate how many materials they will need to conduct a thorough removal and end up having to go back to the store to buy more.

Furthermore, while homeowners are wasting time and money trying to figure out how to remove the invasive critters, the pests have established nests, began breeding, and extended their infestation throughout the property, causing damages and spreading contamination along the way.

DIY Pest Control Can Be Harmful

The potential risk of personal harm is large when attempting DIY pest control. When dealing with the animals firsthand, you expose yourself to painful bites, stings, and scratches—especially if you don’t have the proper training or protective gear. Even setting snap traps or spraying chemicals can be dangerous as they can expose you and your family to easily triggered devices and toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health and well-being.

Effective Pest Control Requires Training and Experience

Many DIY traps and other store-bought pest control solutions mislead homeowners into believing that DIY pest control is one-size-fits-all; however, what works for a rat infestation is not going to work for an ant infestation. Truly efficient and effective pest control is highly specialized, two important factors that DIY pest control lacks. Therefore, if you don’t have specialized knowledge of pest control best practices, your best bet is to opt out of the DIY pest control instead rely on the professional pest control services offered by Critter Control® of Lake County.

Leave Pest Control to the Professionals

At Critter Control® of Lake County, we are dedicated to providing safe and eco-friendly pest removal services that will permanently take care of your pest problem. Not only do we completely remove the invasive critters, but we also clean up any damages caused by the pests and implement preventative measures to ensure they can’t return.

For more information on our professional pest control services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate, contact Critter Control® of Lake County today by calling 352-204-0074.


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