The Legal Aspects of Wildlife Removal: Understanding Regulations

When you’re facing a wildlife infestation, it can be instinctual to want to invest in traps and sprays to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. However, depending on what creature you are dealing with, attempting lethal wildlife removal methods can be highly illegal. Here is what you should know about the legality of wildlife removal before attempting to remove any wild animals that are infesting your property.

Illegal Wildlife Removal Methods

There are many cities in Florida wherein certain methods of nuisance wildlife removal are illegal, such as those that involve the use of firearms, for example. In this regard, it is vital to check the laws of your specific city before engaging in any particularly extreme methods of wildlife removal or elimination.

Wildlife Removal Permits

Permits may be required when it comes to removing and relocating nuisance wildlife, especially for certain protected species. For example, many bird species and their eggs are highly protected across the country, as are bats during mating season. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the state of Florida’s regulations regarding permits for specific creatures before going ahead with any wildlife control efforts.

Nuisance Animal Exceptions

Just because an animal is bothering you on your property does not necessarily mean that the law will recognize it as a nuisance animal. In fact, the state of Florida protects quite a few creatures from being considered a nuisance, preventing them from being treated as such. Protected Florida critters include:

  • Black bears
  • Deer
  • Bobcats (unless the animal is threatening harm to someone or significant damage to a property)
  • Wild turkey (with permit-based exceptions)

Rather than attempting dangerous, inefficient, and potentially illegal DIY wildlife removal methods, rely on the safe and humane wildlife removal services provided by the licensed, trained, and experienced experts at Critter Control® of Lake County.

Safe, Effective and Legal Wildlife Removal Services Near You

The experts at Critter Control® of Lake County are your best bet for any and all wildlife removal efforts. Our wildlife removal technicians are highly educated in the legalities of wildlife removal in the Lake County area, and all of our services utilize safe and non-toxic methods to remove invasive wildlife permanently and humanely.

To schedule an inspection of your Lake County property and receive a free wildlife removal estimate, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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