4 Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Lake County Home

Raccoons are clever critters who can easily sneak onto your property. Their love of rummaging through trash and nesting in dark spaces makes your home a prime target for raccoon activity. Fortunately, raccoons are easy to spot if they manage to infiltrate your home. Unlike mice or rats, raccoons are big critters so the signs of their presence are much more noticeable.

If you notice any signs of a raccoon infestation on your Lake County property, there are a few ways you can get rid of them and keep them away.

4 Signs of Raccoons in Your Home

Common signs of a raccoon problem include:

  1. Ammonia-like smells coming from attics or crawlspaces
  2. Knocked over garbage cans and trash-littered lawns
  3. Damaged windows, ripped screens, or scratched wires and drywall
  4. Scattered droppings and paw prints around the home

If you notice any of these signs within your home, chances are you have a raccoon infestation. Here are some strategies you can implement to prevent that from happening.

How to Keep Raccoons Away

  1. Keep Things Clean – Raccoons are attracted to trash and other food sources commonly found in your home and yard. To deter them, secure non-locking trash cans with bungee cords and use heavy-duty garbage bags. Bring in birdfeeders at night or hang them in an inaccessible spot. If you have pets, don’t leave their food bowls out overnight and close their entry doors so raccoons don’t come in at night.

  2. Protect Your Yard – A tidy yard ensures less attractants for raccoons. Regularly mow your lawn and trim shrubs and bushes so there is no place for the critters to hide. Fence in your fruit or vegetable plants to make sure raccoons can’t reach them and don’t let overripe produce stay on your lawn for too long as it could attract the pests.

  3. Scare Them Off – While they can be large, raccoons are also skittish. Motion-sensing lights or sprinklers can scare them away. Noise makers like radios will keep raccoons at bay as well. Natural raccoon repellents, such as cayenne pepper, can be effective on produce. It doesn’t harm the growth of the plants and keeps the critters away.

  4. Hire a Raccoon Removal Expert – If your raccoon problem persists after trying the steps above, then call in an expert to remove them. While raccoons can be docile, they will attack if they feel threatened, that is why it is best to leave their removal to trained and equipped wildlife professionals.

Your Lake County Raccoon Removal Professionals

At Critter Control® of Lake County, we use CritterSafe® methods to inspect and safeguard your property while ensuring that all nuisance raccoons are humanely and permanently removed.

If you encounter a raccoon on your Lake County property, keep your distance from the animal and contact one of our wildlife removal experts immediately. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our humane and efficient raccoon removal services, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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