What to Do if You Hear Rats in the Walls

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: Your eyes shoot open in the middle of the night because you hear squeaking, scurrying, and scratching noises coming from behind your walls. This, of course, is one of the clearest signs that you may be dealing with a rat infestation. However, when this happens, it is important not to panic. Instead, you should know the dangers of rats in the walls and what you should do to get rid of them.

Damages Caused by Rats in the Walls

It is well known how dangerous rats can be when they infest your home. Not only can they carry diseases that can easily spread to you and your family, but they can also cause significant damage to the infrastructure to your property through their incessant biting and gnawing. If rats are inside your walls, then they are likely breeding rapidly and spreading their contamination throughout your home. This is why it is so vital to address a rat issue as soon as you identify it.

How Rats Access Walls

You may be wondering how rats got in your walls in the first place. Well, rats are agile climbers and can squeeze into openings much smaller than the width of their bodies. So, presuming that a rat only needs a small hole to enter your property, they may be able to scale your property’s exterior to reach an entry point, including those on upper floors or on your roof.

Check Your Food if You Hear Rats in the Walls

If you hear the disturbing sounds of rats in your walls, you should examine all your non-perishable food packages for gnaw marks and signs of rat activity. If anything is contaminated, throw it away and place everything else in sealable plastic containers that cannot be chewed through.

Why You Should Leave Rats in the Walls to the Professionals

When identifying the presence of rats in the walls, it may be tempting to run to the hardware store and buy as many rat traps as you can carry. However, this is unadvisable. DIY methods tend to be disproportionately expensive in relation to their effectiveness, which tends to be rather minimal. Instead, leave the rats in your walls to professional wildlife removal specialists. At the end of the day, hiring a rat removal expert is the most efficient and effective way to get rid of rats in the walls.

If you think that you may have a rat issue on your Lake County commercial or residential property, keep calm and call one of the rat removal specialists at Critter Control® of Lake County.

Expert Rat Removal Services Near You

At Critter Control® of Lake County, our highly-trained rat removal specialists handle emergency rat removals with efficiency using our CritterSafe® rat removal methods. We also provide rat prevention measures to ensure that once your rat issue has been resolved, you won’t experience it again.

Schedule your inspection and receive a complimentary estimate for our rat removal services by giving Critter Control® of Lake County a call today at 352-204-0074.


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