Can Exterminators Get Rid of Bats?

As natural hunters of deadly pests like mosquitos, bats are an extremely important member of our ecosystem. However, this does not mean that you want them on your property. In fact, allowing them to roost on your property can be detrimental to your structure’s integrity and your personal health. Therefore, if you find bats on your property, you may think to call a bat exterminator to handle your problem. But can bat exterminators get rid of bats?

What Is a Bat Exterminator?

There is actually no such thing as a bat exterminator. Exterminators specialize in killing pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, and rats. Bats, on the other hand, are a highly protected species that cannot be legally exterminated or evicted though DIY bat removal methods. Furthermore, using toxic and inhumane bat removal chemicals or sprays are illegal and can result in hefty fines. The only thing worse than having a bat issue on your hands is having a legal issue on top of it.

Effective Bat Removal Methods

Legal bat removal techniques require safe exclusion methods to keep the critters from coming back to their roosts. For example, an effective way to get rid of bats without killing them is to install a one-way door where the bats are roosting to prevent them from returning after leaving to find food. However, such exclusion methods can only be installed during certain times of the year.

Avoid Bat Exclusion During Maternity Season

Baby bats are born during the summer months, particularly June and July. During bat maternity season, it is illegal to exclude or remove bats with one-way doors because if the adult bats cannot get back to their young, the babies will die. Not only could this put you at possible legal risk, but it could also cause rancid odors, disease, and other pests to fester on your property.

Rely on Professional Bat Removal Specialists

While you shouldn’t attempt DIY bat removal and won’t find a bat exterminator who can legally exterminate bats, you can call the bat removal specialists at Critter Control® of Lake County to remove and relocate nuisance bats away from your property both safely and legally.

If you’re looking for professional bat removal in the Lake County area, contact the highly trained and equipped professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County. For more information on our effective and humane bat removal services or to schedule an inspection of your Lake County property and receive a free estimate, call 352-204-0074 today.


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