What Is a Good Deterrent for Armadillos?

Armadillos are cute and generally harmless creatures that you may sometimes see around various parts of Florida, including the Lake County area. However, they can be surprisingly difficult to deter from your property once they have taken a liking to it. If you are having issues with armadillo control on your Lake County property, here are some popular armadillo deterrents for efficient armadillo removal.

Common Armadillo Removal Methods

  • Coyote Urine

One of the most common predators of armadillos is the coyote, so armadillos make a serious effort to avoid coyotes at all costs. Therefore, an effective way to deter armadillos is to use coyote urine, as the smell will keep armadillos far away. The bottled deterrent is generally sold online. Just note that the urine will need to be reapplied on a monthly basis and also after heavy rainstorms.

  • Cayenne Pepper

This natural armadillo deterrent can probably be found in your pantry. If you’re looking for an easy, low-cost method for armadillo prevention, cayenne pepper is known to repel armadillos. This is because it assaults their senses, encouraging them to get far away. For even greater effectiveness, mix the cayenne pepper with water, and spray this mixture around the outside of your property. The water will help the cayenne pepper stick better and stay around longer.

  • Armadillo Traps

One classic method to get armadillos off of your property is to trap them. Now, this is a slow method, for you can only trap the creatures one at a time. However, if your armadillo issue is relatively small and there aren’t many creatures infiltrating your property, then this could be a viable option. Just be careful not to handle the critter on your won as armadillos can carry harmful diseases that can spread to humans through bites, scratches, or contact.

While DIY armadillo deterrent methods may prove mildly successful, the most efficient and effective way to remove armadillos from your property and keep yourself out of harm’s way is to call the armadillo removal professionals at Critter Control® of Lake County.

Professional Armadillo Removal Services in Lake County, Florida

At Critter Control® of Lake County, we are dedicated to providing the residents of Lake County, Florida with safe and humane wildlife removal services, which is why all of our armadillo removals are performed by licensed, trained, and experienced wildlife control experts. We provide thorough removal services to evict all unwanted pests and keep them away by installing preventative measures that ensure they don’t return.

To schedule your inspection with one of our armadillo removal technicians and receive a complimentary estimate, call us today at 352-204-0074.


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