What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bats?

Bats are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of once they have begun roosting on a property. This is because bats are a highly protected species. Therefore, it is illegal to harm them or even attempt to remove them at certain times of the year. That said, bats roosting on your property can lead to damage and health issues, so it’s not ideal to simply allow them to stay.

To help deal with the bats on your property, here are some of the best ways to get rid of bats safely and legally.

Remove Bat Food Sources

Most pests gravitate to a property because there is a nearby food source available, whether that be fruit on trees or a bountiful garden, and bats are no exception. If you are able and willing to remove the food source that is attracting the bats, then you may be able to encourage them to leave. Once the food is gone, the bats are likely to leave as well.

Have a One-way Door Installed

One safe method for bat removal is to have a professional install a one-way door in the area of your property that is infested, like your attic being full of bats. This exclusion device, in combination with sealing off all other possible entrances, will make it so that when the bats leave, they are unable to return. However, bat exclusion is prohibited during bat maternity season, so you may have to tough it out if bats are causing you trouble during the summer months of June and July — when baby bats are typically born.

Avoid DIY Bat Removal

When it comes to bats, it is important to avoid coming into contact with them in order to preserve your health. While they are generally docile creatures, their guano is toxic if inhaled and they can bite and scratch if spooked or threatened. It is also best to avoid attempting DIY bat removal methods as many are illegal and can put the protected critters in danger. Therefore, it is best to instead rely on bat removal professionals.

Call on Your Lake County Bat Removal Experts

At the end of the day, the only truly efficient, effective, legal, and humane way to get rid of bats is to contact the bat removal specialist at Critter Control® of Lake County.

At Critter Control® of Lake County, all of our bat removal specialists are licensed, trained, and experienced with bat removals in order to ensure that every service offered is expertly completed with the utmost care for you, your property, and the invasive animal.

For more information on our bat removal services or to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate, call Critter Control® of Lake County today at 352-204-0074.


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