How Do I Get Rid of Bees Around My House?

Bees tend to build their nests on wooded structures, whether that be on trees or on the side of your home. Therefore, it is important to take action as soon as you identify a bee problem on your property.  Make sure to lookout for possible hives and swarms, and scan the exterior of your home for holes filled with waxy honeycomb.

If you discover a bee infestation around your home, here are some ways to get rid of the stinging pests.

Lethal Bee Removal Methods

Fipronil is a chemical ingredient in bug sprays that is lethal to bees. Spraying foaming aerosol with this chemical directly into a bee hive will kill the pests or cause them to scatter. However, bees are natural pollinators that play an important role in our environment, so a more humane bee removal strategy may be the wiser option.

Natural Deterrents to Help Get Rid of Bees

There are many safe and humane ways to remove bees from your property.

  1. Citronella candles – Using scented citronella candles helps to simply divert insects from your home and surrounding area.
  2. Naturally scented sprays – Scents such as vinegar, garlic, and citrus naturally repel bees and will help move them away from any sprayed areas.
  3. Sweet smelling fruits – Divert the bees away from your property by placing sweetly scented fruits, such as mango, into a bag a few feet away from any bee nests. The sweet smells should lure the bees out. Slowly move the bag further and further away until the bees are no longer on your property.

The Danger of DIY Bee Removal

Though the above methods may help to reduce the presence of bees around your home, approaching a bee hive is very risky – especially if you are allergic to bee stings. Even going near their nests can provoke bees enough to string you, your pets, and your loved ones. Therefore, the safest way to get rid of bees on your property is to call the trustworthy bee removal experts at Critter Control® Lake County.

Safest Bee Removal in Lake County

At Critter Control® Lake County, our top priority is to safely remove any nuisance pests from inside or around your home or business, and keep them from returning. Because bees are such a vital part of our ecosystem, it is best not to kill them. Instead, rely on our licensed and trained bee removal professionals to remove and relocate the pests in a safe and efficient way. Call Critter Control® Lake County today at 352-204-0074 to schedule an inspection and receive a free bee removal estimate.


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