3 Tips for Getting Rid of Pests In Your Home

Nobody enjoys having unwanted pests in their home; however, getting rid of uninvited pests like bugs, ants, rodents, and roaches isn’t always the easiest task. If you are currently in the midst of a pest control nightmare, here are some tips for getting rid of unwelcome pests in your home.

Effective Pest Control Tips

  1. Try natural pest deterrents.
    Many pests hate the smells of certain essential oils or spices. For example, a great way to deter spiders is to dab cotton balls with peppermint oil and to leave the dabbed cotton balls near indoor spider webs. On a similar note, rats can’t stand peppermint oil. Many garden-ruining pests like ants, raccoons, armadillos, squirrels, and beetles dislike cayenne pepper, so sprinkling the spice in your backyard and around your home’s perimeter is a great way to get them to relocate.
  2. Inspect your home regularly for pest entry points.
    Once a pest enters your home, others will follow. They will then nest, breed, and spread their infestation throughout your property unless their entryway is discovered and sealed. If you have indoor pest issues, it is vital that you inspect your home regularly for potential entry points that pests could use to enter your residence. Insects, mice and rats can squeeze through small cracks in your home’s exterior or foundation, and larger mammals like raccoons and squirrels will pry open or chew through damaged roof vents and shingles to access your attic. If you find any areas of exposure, make sure to seal them properly to ensure they can’t be used as access ways.
  3. Call a pest control professional
    While DIY methods, store-bought pesticides, and self-inspections may provide you with minimal pest control success, the most efficient and effective way to get rid of the critters terrorizing your home is to call a pest control specialist. A pest control professional can provide you with advanced methods that are non-toxic, safe, and permanent, taking care of your pest issue once and for all.

Expert Pest Control Services in Lake Country, Florida 

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