How to Stop Raccoons from Getting into My Trash

Raccoons are curious creatures with a strong sense of smell. Almost anything—including the slightest stench from your trash—can attract them to your Lake County property. Once raccoons are intrigued and attracted to your trash, they’re hard to deter away. Before you know it, these mischievous and dexterous critters will be digging through your trash, leaving an enormous mess and an even more terrible odor spread across your yard.

Here are several strategies you can try to stop raccoons from getting into your trash.

6 Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Trash

  1. Change your trash schedule – Most often, people set their trash out the night before pick up because it saves more time in the morning. Since raccoons are nocturnal, they are more likely to dig into your trash at night. Make it a habit to set your trash out early in the morning to avoid luring these critters to your property while you sleep.
  2. Store your trash in a different place – Where you place your trash can really influence your critter concerns. Here are a few useful tips for strong your trash can inside or outside:
    1.  Secure your can in an area that is difficult for the raccoons to access.
    2. Fasten your can so that it cannot be tipped over and ravaged.
    3. Put your can in a bright area or install motion sensor lights to scare the raccoons away.
  1. Keep your trash cans clean – Wash out your trash can often. Even if there isn’t anything inside of the can, the aroma from past trash will attract raccoons to your property. Disinfect it with chemicals such as ammonia because the scent is displeasing to raccoons and may repel them.
  1. Cover up your trash cans – Do not give raccoons an opportunity to paw through your trash. Make sure your cans are tightly sealed so, if they are tipped over, the raccoons cannot get inside.
  2. Try raccoon repellents – Using natural and chemical raccoon repellents, such as Epsom salt and chemical sprays, offers a quick fix until a professional is available to help.
  3. Hire Raccoon Removal Professionals – The best way to prevent raccoons from trashing your property is by calling raccoon removal experts who are trained and equipped to prevent and end raccoon infestations.

Call Your Local Raccoon Removal Experts

It can be inconvenient, ineffective, and dangerous to attempt to remedy your raccoon problem on your own. If you encounter raccoons on your Lake County property, keep your distance from the wild animals and contact the raccoon removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately.

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