5 Ways to Prevent Armadillos From Digging up My Yard

Armadillos love to burrow and will gladly turn your yard into a scattered, lumpy mess of holes. Such destructive digging can ruin the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and damage critical underground pipes, cables, and structural foundations. To prevent such costly and unsightly activity, here are five ways to prevent armadillos from digging up your yard.

Armadillo Removal and Prevention Tips

A few steps to protect your yard from an armadillo infestation include:

  1. Get a fence. Install a short, strong fence deep into the ground surrounding your yard. The fence does not need to be tall as armadillos cannot jump high; however, if it is deep, it will stop the critter from burrowing through to your yard.
  2. Make your yard inhospitable. Place wood chips in your yard, especially around your flower bed. This makes it difficult for the creature to burrow through.
  3. Get rid of small insects in your soil. Armadillos generally burrow through loose soil and under shrubbery looking for grubs and insects. If you treat your lawn with certain bug sprays or insect-killing pesticides, you take away their nourishment and therefore their attraction to your soil.
  4. Add scented deterrents – Armadillos are not big fans of spicy scents. Adding a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper around your yard will serve as a good armadillo deterrent.
  5. Traps – You can set armadillo traps either on top of their burrows or at strategic points around your yard. Traps will allow you to catch and relocate the armadillo to a more appropriate location. However, handling the pests without proper tools and equipment can be dangerous.

While all of the above-mentioned steps are effective for armadillo prevention, they do not guarantee permanent armadillo removal.

The Importance of Professional Armadillo Removal Services

Although they appear harmless, armadillos can pose more dangers to your home and well-being than just a yard full of holes. Armadillos, like most animals, can get frightened and intimidated by your presence and may defensively attack you. If bitten or scratched by an armadillo, you could be at risk of contracting diseases like leprosy or rabies.

Therefore, it is best to keep a safe distance from the wild animal and contact professional armadillo removal experts to prevent them from digging up your yard.

Call Lake County, Florida’s Armadillo Removal Experts

It is extremely risky to attempt to remove armadillos from your yard on your own. If you encounter wild animals on your Lake County, Florida property, stay away from the critters and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Lake County immediately at 352-204-0074 to schedule a complete property inspection and receive a free estimate for our safe and effective armadillo removal services.


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